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Jennifer Mejia


Summertime is here. Well, not technically on the calendar, but the warmer temperatures and the sunshine are what I go by. The older I get, the more I feel the need to protect my skin, especially my face where my age shows first. I always make my kids sport a hat, and recently they began asking me why I’m not wearing one when that’s the case. I don't really have a great excuse, so I’ve been reminding myself to do so more and more.

Luckily, there are many great hats for summer, and they can actually enhance our appearance. And sometimes they hide a lot, like dirty and undone hair as in the photo above. I have two hats that I wear most frequently, so I thought it was time to shop for a few additional options. And today I’m sharing those with you. You’re going to be shocked when you see how reasonably priced a few of them are. And then you’re going to thank me when you see how fabulous you look in one (or a few) of them! Happy shopping! Simply click on the images below to see more and purchase.



Jennifer Mejia


Button downs. You guys know I love a good button down shirt. But my obsession extends beyond shirts. To dresses. For some reason, buttons add that little extra something to a dress. And during the summer when it’s far too hot to even breathe some days, unbuttoning can be quite liberating and cool (in more ways than one). This dress that I’m wearing is a favorite of mine from last Summer. It’s no longer available, but I’ve chosen a few additional options that will help you make a statement this season. There’s also one adorable jumpsuit in the mix. Because my obsession is real, and I’m on the hunt for a few new pieces summer. Which one(s) should I try? Leave a comment and let me know your favorite(s). And if one or two catch you eye, simply click on the photos to shop.

button dress no head.jpg




Jennifer Mejia

beach photo.jpg

My son is strategically placed in this photo!


This week is Spring Break for my oldest son, so our family is on Spring Break. Spring Break is not always what it was during my college days. This year, we are not near a beach. Instead, we are in the Washington, DC area visiting family and the many beautiful sites and amazing museums. That said, I know swimsuit season is just around the corner. (BIG sigh because this body has been yearning to get back to regular exercise, and life is just getting in the way. Next week!) You know what I say? Get a spray tan…because everyone looks better with a tan, even if you’re not in the best shape.

Now that you know my secret, let’s get to the real point of the post. Swimsuits. I find swimsuit shopping one of the most frustrating tasks. Yes, it’s a task to me because it’s really difficult to find a suit that I feel comfortable wearing. If you feel the same and dread this search, I hope this post will help. The suit I’m wearing in the photo above is a classic. I’ve had it for a few years, and it’s still going strong. The top can be tied differently to be worn three to four ways (strapless or around the neck), and the shape of the cups provides great support or gives the illusion of larger breasts…whichever you might need.. The bottoms are flattering but still provide full coverage in the buttocks because, well, I need it. I’m wearing it in Indigo, but it comes in many colors.

My favorite new two-piece of the season is this affordably priced blue and white striped triangle top and high-waisted bottom. I purchased a Size 4 in both. It really looks amazing on, and you can’t beat the price.

As for one-piece options, there are so many! But I did purchase this animal print option, and at $13, how can one go wrong. I purchased a Size 4 in this, as well.

I plan to order a few more of the options I’ve chosen below. I’ll try them at home, and ship back the others that don’t flatter my figure. I really recommend this for everyone who is swimsuit shopping because it can be quite time-consuming. And it’s much easier to do it in the privacy of your own home when you’re not rushed to make a decision. Simply scroll through and click on the images below to shop. Two-piece options are up first, then one-pieces.






Jennifer Mejia


This is the second post I’ve done on amazing Amazon fashion finds. It’s hard to believe that the items will be of decent quality when you look at the price tag on some of them. But with Amazon’s amazing return policy, especially for Amazon Prime items and members, making a purchase can be pretty low risk. So why the heck not?


When it comes to fashion, I’d say I’m a high-low gal. I tend to spend a lot on staple wardrobe pieces that meet three requirements: classic, timeless, and versatile. When you mix those items with more inexpensive and trendy items, the look of the “cheaper” item is often elevated. Shoes are on thing I like to splurge on because 1) a cheap pair of shoes usually shows that, and 2) a well-made pair of shoes usually lasts a very long time. I honestly have some shoes in my closet that are over 10 years old. Always buy the nicest coat you can afford because it’s the first thing everyone sees. And if you purchase one that meets the three requirements for a splurge, then it’s worth it. The same goes for every day handbags that will stand the test of time. When buying clothing that isn’t made from the best fabric, try to purchase it in a darker color if lighter colors look cheap. Dark colors tend to hide a cheap fabric better. Always try to have one high quality item for each staple piece like black pants, a black skirt, dark denim, white denim, crisp white shirt, etc.


The little black dress I’m wearing here is under $35! I was actually quite impressed with it. I removed it from the bag and hung it up. Without steaming or ironing, most of the wrinkles had fallen out within a few days. And surprisingly enough, it didn’t really wrinkle much when I wore it. Proof that some wardrobe staples don’t have to cost a fortune. Since I lucked out on this dress, I decided to look for a few more finds to try. I’m sharing my favorite finds below. Simply click on the images to shop. (I’m wearing a Small in the black dress in case you’re interested in trying.)





Jennifer Mejia


It’s Monday. How many of you would like to skirt the work week altogether? Every Sunday night, my son tells me that it isn’t fair that we have five days of work and school and only two days off. Although he’s only seven, I’d say he’s wise beyond his years. This past weekend was gorgeous in New York City. We kept ourselves busy with little league baseball, Paw Patrol Live (the things we do for love!), New York Road Runners youth races, and playground time. Mom and Dad even got an adult night out to wine, dine, and chat with friends. It was really difficult to get back to reality today. But lucky for us, this week is only a four-day work week, so that sweet boy of mine will be doing a dance on Thursday.


But getting back to work doesn't mean you have to throw on a suit. This skirt I’m wearing in navy is a perfect versatile piece for Spring and Summer. Style it as I have here with espadrille wedges for a look that’s weekend and work week ready. Amp it up a bit if your office is more formal by pairing it with a crisp white button-down and a sleek pair of pumps. For a more casual look, pair it with a white t-shirt and flat sandals. It has a beautifully subtle sheen that gives it permission to be dressy, yet it doesn’t have to be. And the best part is its price tag. Coming in at just under $35, you can update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. I’m fairly certain it will never go out of style. It comes in a few different colors and runs true to size. I’m wearing a Size 0.

church behind.jpg

Truth be told, I like skirts for Spring and Summer because I don’t love my legs in shorts. I’d never say I’m a large person, but I’m not particularly toned. So showing a little leg is best if it’s just that for me—a little. Skirts are a perfect way to survive the heat brought on by the dog days of summer. It doesn’t get much hotter than summertime in New York City. But I know I’m not alone, as much of the country starts feelin’ hot hot hot in July and August. To help you survive while remaining stylish, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite skirts of the season. To shop, simply click on the images below, and most will be at your door within a few days.

535 behind.jpg





Jennifer Mejia


I’ve always said there is a difference between something that is fashionable and something that is trendy. Fashionable, in my book, means classic and timeless. It will never go out of style. But if it does go out for a while, it will likely come back within a few years. One example of that is a sexy pair of pointy-toe pumps. For timeless pieces, I tend to splurge. If I find a good piece, it’s worth spending so I don’t have to look for it again in the future and it can last me for years.. Have a I mentioned that I’m a pretty lazy shopper?


But for trendy pieces, I like to save. If it’s probable that it’s a style I’ll wear for only a year or two, or worse, just a season, I look for affordably-priced options. This season, the paper bag pant (or short) is that trendy item.. In general, I don’t look great in high-waisted pants. But the paper bag is an exception. I think that may be because of the tied and someone cinched/pleated waistband that helps define my waist and give the trousers a more finished look.


These pants are the perfect way to freshen up your Spring and Summer wardrobe and add that “2019” to it! Thankfully for you, I’ve curated a few of my favorites, in trousers and shorts, that are affordably priced. Because of the detailed waistband, you don’t need anything too fancy on the upper half of your body. Grab something simple like the off-white blouse featured in this post. Pair the trousers with a sexy pair of classic pumps and a great bag for a wear-to-work look. Pair them with sporty sneakers and a t-shirt for a more casual vibe. The outfit I’m wearing here (minus the shoes and bag) is under $60. No, not a typo. Simply click on the images below to shop the look and a few of my favorite paper bag pants and shorts of the season. (And don’t be fooled by the color of the pants below—click on them, as many come in a variety of colors, including the khaki green trousers I’m wearing.)



Jennifer Mejia


No, I’m not talking about my legs! But someone get this girl a tan, even if it’s a spray-on. Soon enough, I hope. I was looking at my Instagram feed and thinking I have a serious issue with buying white clothing, meaning I have too much of it. But when you find something that works, I say stick to it. White is a universally flattering color, but most importantly, it’s a color that screams “Vacation!” and “Summertime!” Two things I’m longing for.

I am absolutely in love with this dress that I bought for warmer months. They’ll be here soon, right? I picked it up on sale during the recent ShopBop event, but even without the sale, it’s affordably priced. It can be worn with espadrilles, flat sandals, and even a dressier heel to give you three different looks for three different occasions. Even better news—these shoes. They are a nice blush color and are made of a lightweight Spring/Summer fabric with a classic espadrille wedge heel. I typically wear a size 7 but ordered a 6-1/2 and they fit perfectly, so consider that when ordering. I purchased the bag last year, but lucky for you, they brought it back this season. Look back at my blog posts from last summer and you’ll see it in almost every fashion photo. It’s that versatile, so I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth. The jewels are also a great staple for any time of year because the necklace can be worn three ways: each strand separately or together as I’ve styled it here. The bracelet is also one you may be tired of seeing, but you know I’m all about versatility. I don’t like to overdo it with the jewelry, so a simple pair of diamond studs (this faux version will likely fool a gemologist) is perfect. And for summertime when you’re at the beach, you don’t want to risk losing the real thing.


Shop all of these items by clicking on the images below. Everyone needs at least one white dress for the summer. I hope you find one here! I’m wearing size XS in the featured dress.



Jennifer Mejia

Affordable fashion from Amazon. Simply click on the products below to shop. Most are under $30. Happy weekend!


Jennifer Mejia


The weather here in New York City was amazing yesterday! I didn’t even need a jacket, and my boys and I were still running around the playground playing tag at 5 pm. It had me thinking about warmer days ahead and putting my sweaters and boots away for good. We aren’t there yet, as temps are dropping again today, but a girl can dream.


I feel like every year when the temps get warmer and I want to buy a few new dresses for the season, my size is never available. So I decided to get ahead of things this year, and when I saw this feminine blue number, I snagged it. I love dresses that make me feel pretty and sexy without showing too much skin. The belted waist makes it feel a little more polished. And I could easily see wearing a pair of espadrilles with it to make it a bit more casual. And pointy-toe pumps could elevate the look even more. I paired it with simple gold jewels like my favorite hoop earrings, the top half of this delicate gold necklace, and this perfect gold bangle.


But as I’ve said before, you don’t always come to the blog for one dress, even though this is a really good one. So I’ve curated a collection of some of my favorites to bring out during warmer weather. There are a few that are true splurges that I can’t afford, but I simply love them and just couldn’t resist. Perhaps one of my readers is lucky enough to have the budget and can score them. To shop, simply click on the images below.



Jennifer Mejia


Blush. It’s probably my favorite color and has been for at least the past year. It’s perfectly feminine without being too girly or “baby-ish,” as my 7-year-old likes to classify things. I remember watching “The Wedding Planner” and seeing J Lo in lavender all the time. It made her softer, more feminine, more love-worthy. I think blush is the modern day version of that. Around Valentine’s Day, everything is about red. Or pink. But I’m opting for blush this “holiday.” It’s in quotes because my husband says it’s a holiday Hallmark has exploited to make lots of money. Maybe he’s right or maybe he’s just always wanted to relieve himself of the pressure of finding a perfectly-suited gift.


Whatever the case may be, I fell in love with this sweater for any day of the year. Blush is a color that transcends seasons. You can see it pairs easily with blue denim. I’d also throw this on with white or black denim. It’s a perfect sweater for the fall and equally as perfect for a cool summer day or evening.


But you clicked through to a blog post for more than one sweater, right? Because I’m so infatuated with blush at the moment, I’ve created a boutique of some of my favorite blush items available, including this sexy open-shoulder sweater. Simply click on the photos below to SHOP BLUSH LOOKS.