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Jennifer Mejia


Nate Berkus always says, “It’s the things that matter.” I think I’ve used that exact quote more than once in this blog. Probably because I couldn’t agree more. When you walk into a home, yes, the furniture is extremely important. Good design and a mix of shapes, textures, and colors, old and new, modern and traditional…it all adds up to make a home feel collected. But the “things” that complete a space—accessories—help tell the story of who you are a person and a family.

If you have had the luxury of traveling and collecting things over the years, you’ll have no problem filling a home. But that’s not the case for most of us. So what do you do in the meantime when you just want to have it all done? The good news for all of us is that there are so many affordable places to shop for accessories. Being in NYC, we have tons of shops that have such unique and truly awesome finds. But many of you are not here, and you don’t have time to go from store to store to curate it all. Enter our savior in most parts of life: TARGET!

Here’s the thing about accessories. When designers do an install, they bring a ton of things to a home on approval. That means the store doesn’t really charge them for it until they confirm they’re keeping it. Try before you buy! Well, that’s not exactly how it works with Target, but they have a terrific 90-day return policy, so you can try it for three months versus the typical 24 to 48 hours with boutiques. So buy a ton (thankfully most of it is very reasonably priced), play around with it in various places in your home, keep what you love, and send the rest back. Did I mention they have free shipping and free returns for Target card members and orders over $50?

The one problem with Target, and it’s sort of a nice problem to have, is that they have SO much! I sometimes find it difficult to curate things. But I’ve tried my best for this blog post. Now presenting a few of my favorite Target home accessories! Simply click on the images or hyperlinks to shop.

First up are baskets like this woven one on the dresser above. It could also be used as wall decor. Baskets are a wonderful way to add warmth and texture AND collect and contain your junk! Bowls can do the same thing, only they also have the potential for double duty—if they’re made of the right material, they can be used to serve your guests your delicious creations. Trays are like baskets in that they help organize, only they allow things to be more beautifully displayed versus just being dumped on top of one another.







Vases are an essential accessory. Why? Because fresh flowers are also an essential accessory. They don’t have to cost a fortune, especially with places like Trader Joe’s. Don’t believe me? Look at any decor magazine or Instagram page of a designer, and any photo worth of your attention will have fresh flowers in the mix. Whenever I study a room, I always cover up the flowers to see if I still like the space because chances are that you won’t always have fresh stems. Because of that, it’s a great idea to have vases that have interesting design and color so they can stand alone and beautify your space even. when empty. Here are a few of my favorites, including this white vase featured in the photo below. I also like simple and smaller glass vases to allow the buds steal the show. And they’re fun to display in groups, like in a line down the center of a dining table.




Decorative objects bring life, add interest, and are essential to fill empty spaces. I love them stacked on top of coffee table books or in collections like the two spherical objects on the top right shelf below.




And finally, the easiest way to change the look of the space is with decorative pillows. With Etsy and other small businesses like one of my favorites, Danielle Oakey Shop, it’s also a lot less expensive than it used to be. While custom pillows are wonderful, they aren’t always necessary. I love mixing neutrals with different textures and then adding a few pops of color to keep it interesting. Here are a few extremely affordable options from Target.



I’m hoping you all love this curated collection of affordable home accessories. In order to get it right, I feel like you really do have to try a bunch of things in many different places. Target is perfect for that since they offer free shipping and an incredibly flexible 90-day return policy. In addition, Red Card members save 5% off already fabulous prices. Target saves the day once again!