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Jennifer Mejia


Think you need to be a celebrity to have beautiful long locks? Is that because you think quality hair extensions are too expensive? Or is it because you think you need your own personal beauty squad to maintain and style them? Well think again because Lux Beauty Club is going to change the way you feel about hair extensions. 

A few weeks ago, my friend Victoria Flores, Co-Founder and CEO of Lux Beauty Club, asked me if I would consider modeling their hair extensions for a photo shoot to prepare for the launch of a new product and a new website. She could barely finish the question before I could exclaim, “Yes, of course! Where and when?” When I met Victoria last fall, I immediately noticed her beautiful, thick, dark locks. And I nearly fell off my chair when she told me about her company and the fact that she’s also a customer. In a million years, you would never look at Victoria and think her hair wasn’t all her own. I was intrigued and have been dying to check them out ever since. 

This is an exciting time for Lux Beauty Club, as they just began taking pre-orders for their new Magnet Hair®Human Extensions.  They are expected to ship mid-June. And around that time, they will also be re-launching their website to include an interactive hair quiz to ensure you find the perfect extensions for your hair color and type and lifestyle. 

But first, let’s get over one sticking point that some of you might have. You may be thinking that you don’t want “fake” hair. In my opinion, having hair extensions is no different than wearing makeup, having your nails done, getting a spray tan, or so many other things we do to make ourselves look and feel more beautiful. Let’s just be grateful we have all of these things at our disposal to have fun and enhance our outer beauty! And as much as many celebrities would love for us to think they have natural, long, thick, luscious locks, they don’t. Many of them are wearing hair extensions. I personally watched Kelly Ripa pull off a flip-in one morning on live television. 

If you’re thinking about hair extensions, it’s best if your hair is almost touching your shoulders. That said, Lux has many satisfied customers with shorter hair. If in doubt, they’re happy to have you send them a recent photo of yourself and tell you if they feel extensions are right for you. 

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Here are a few before and after photos of yours truly (I don't think I need to label them as such!) I wasn’t a true believer until I saw my own transformation and witnessed how real the extensions looked and felt…as they should because I was wearing real human hair. Lux Beauty Club offers both synthetic and human hair extensions to meet your needs and price point. 


Lux Beauty Club’s Human Hair Extensions are made with 100% Remy hair and sourced from India. There are different grades of human hair, and Lux uses only the best. Remy is the ultimate luxury in hair. Remy is not a brand but rather a grading system for hair extensions. It is human hair that has been collected from one donor and handpicked strand by strand. The hair follicles all go in the same direction. This is a must for human hair extensions, as it means the extensions will flow naturally with your own hair and be far less likely to matt or tangle when worn. It is soft to the touch, long lasting, and tangle free. Remy human hair extensions should last up to 2-4 months with regular maintenance.

Lux’s synthetic hair is sourced from China. 

So how does one determine which hair extension is right for them? You should ask yourself how you want to apply them. Are you going to give it a go on your own or have a professional apply them? How long do you want to wear them? For a few months or do you want to take them in and out for special events or a night out here and there? What is your budget? Then you want to choose the color and length. Of course, all types can be applied by a professional, which is how my clip-ins were applied. Weaves always require professional application. 

In order of ease for self-application, your options are Flip-In, Magnet Hair, Clip-In, and Tape-In. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic. Regarding budget by type/method, from least expensive to more expensive are Flip-In, Clip-In, Tape-In, and Magnet Hair. 

Flip-In Halo Hair Extensions
The Flip-In Halo is a revolutionary hairpiece design featuring an invisible attachment that no one can see. There are no clips, glue, or tape, and you apply it in a few seconds. You literally flip the hairpiece on top of your head, style and go.  It's almost like wearing a wig but without the crown. 

*Great for someone who has short, thick hair where a tape or clip option would not work
*Easiest method to apply and most dramatic change for the price
*Not as secure as the Clip, Tape, Magnet or Weave method
*Available in human hair and synthetic material
*Straight or wavy
*Several options starting at $99.99

Magnet Hair® Human Extensions—Available Mid-June.  Pre-Order Now.
Magnet Hair ® is a new revolutionary way to transform your hair in minutes.  Place the Magnet Hair anywhere you need volume or length.  It can’t get any easier! Magnet Hair works with your lifestyle. You can work out, go for a run, and most importantly, feel confident that it won't slip out while out on the town.  You can also dye the hair to any color your heart desires. This set already comes in a light wave but can be straightened and curled.

*No clips, glue, tape, or tools required
*Patented set of 10 pieces creates five full hair extensions
*Simply snap them together between your own hair and go! 
*100% Indian Remy human hair
*Offered in 11 gorgeous colors--mix and match a few colors for highlights or low lights

Watch this video to see for yourself how easy and beautiful it is!

Clip-In Hair Extensions
Clip-In Hair Extensions are very easy to place in your own hair. They have the added bonus of blending into your hair to be virtually undetected by everyone around you. They also never fall out because the clips are so firm—the clips have been sewn onto the hair extensions. You can even exercise and dance in them. 

*Easy to apply and come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colors
*Offer the most variety of choices and are the most popular amongst Lux customers
*Available in human hair and synthetic material
*Prices starting at $29.99


Dancing like a maniac to Calvin Harris and Rihanna with my Clip-Ins


Tape-In Hair Extensions
Tape-In Hair Extensions are 100% human Remy hair and allow you to achieve a celebrity high-style look. They last 2-6 months, depending on your maintenance and care.

*Easy on/off application method
*The most natural looking hair extension method but also the most expensive of non-permanent methods
*Available in straight or wavy and 10 different shades of each
*High maintenance, daily maintenance required
*Straight priced at $79.99 and Wavy at $139.99

Weave Hair Extensions
Weave Hair Extensions are the most time-consuming application
*Must be sewn or braided into the hair
*Available in human hair or synthetic material
*Three options starting at $49

Lux Beauty Club’s human and synthetic hair extensions can last for years if maintained and cared for properly. Tape-Ins that are more permanent last from 2-6 months. Using Lux’s maintenance products will help extend their duration. As with your own hair, excessive heat and chemicals affect the extensions. And while they are not indestructible, you can wash and style human hair extensions just as you would your own hair. All suggested care instructions can be found at

If you need help choosing a color before their new color selction quiz is launched, Lux Beauty Club is thrilled to assist in a few ways. They’re happy to help you choose if you contact them and send them a photo. Or you can choose a few and return whichever extensions you don’t keep. Lux offers a money back guarantee of unopened product that has not been applied to your hair. I know Victoria personally, and she is extremely passionate about this business and helping women achieve the outer beauty they desire. So please feel free to contact them with any questions you might have before purchasing your Lux Beauty Club Hair Extensions. I promise you, you'll love the way you look and feel wearing them!