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Jennifer Mejia

beach photo.jpg

My son is strategically placed in this photo!


This week is Spring Break for my oldest son, so our family is on Spring Break. Spring Break is not always what it was during my college days. This year, we are not near a beach. Instead, we are in the Washington, DC area visiting family and the many beautiful sites and amazing museums. That said, I know swimsuit season is just around the corner. (BIG sigh because this body has been yearning to get back to regular exercise, and life is just getting in the way. Next week!) You know what I say? Get a spray tan…because everyone looks better with a tan, even if you’re not in the best shape.

Now that you know my secret, let’s get to the real point of the post. Swimsuits. I find swimsuit shopping one of the most frustrating tasks. Yes, it’s a task to me because it’s really difficult to find a suit that I feel comfortable wearing. If you feel the same and dread this search, I hope this post will help. The suit I’m wearing in the photo above is a classic. I’ve had it for a few years, and it’s still going strong. The top can be tied differently to be worn three to four ways (strapless or around the neck), and the shape of the cups provides great support or gives the illusion of larger breasts…whichever you might need.. The bottoms are flattering but still provide full coverage in the buttocks because, well, I need it. I’m wearing it in Indigo, but it comes in many colors.

My favorite new two-piece of the season is this affordably priced blue and white striped triangle top and high-waisted bottom. I purchased a Size 4 in both. It really looks amazing on, and you can’t beat the price.

As for one-piece options, there are so many! But I did purchase this animal print option, and at $13, how can one go wrong. I purchased a Size 4 in this, as well.

I plan to order a few more of the options I’ve chosen below. I’ll try them at home, and ship back the others that don’t flatter my figure. I really recommend this for everyone who is swimsuit shopping because it can be quite time-consuming. And it’s much easier to do it in the privacy of your own home when you’re not rushed to make a decision. Simply scroll through and click on the images below to shop. Two-piece options are up first, then one-pieces.






Jennifer Mejia

Graduation two versions.jpg

Life is full of reasons to celebrate. From momentous events like an engagement, wedding, and the birth of a child, all the way through to our “baby’s” high school or college graduation. They all take on greater meaning when we’re able to share our joy with cherished friends and family. Whether we send invitations to a lavish party or simply mail an announcement to mark the occasion, setting the perfect tone and sharing our good news with a beautiful presentation is important. Thankfully, I recently discovered a wonderful new company called Basic Invite. Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows you to truly customize your announcements and invitations AND receive a printed sample in the mail before printing (if you choose) so you can be certain it’s perfect. So today on the blog, it’s “Basic Invite 101,” and I’m sharing everything about this company that makes it a godsend for ALL of your celebration planning.

Grad Achievements Announce.jpg

It’s April, and that means graduation season is upon us, so I’m going to begin there. Your precious children have worked their brains off studying for the SAT and ACT and completing admission applications. Your entire family is exhausted from schlepping around the country for college tours. And let’s not forget the really fun part: those graduation photo shoots. Thankfully, the acceptance letters are now rolling in, proving it has been worth every second of your collective efforts. You’re all looking forward to a joyous celebration and beginning this exciting new chapter. Enter Basic Invite to help you create the perfect graduation announcements and party invitations. Here’s the scoop!

Grad Cursive Girl Announce.jpg

A Complete Package or A La Carte - For all occasions, including graduation, the menu is flexible. You can purchase a “5-course tasting menu” (my term, not theirs) or order just one item. Personally, for an event or occasion that has multiple pieces of communication, I can’t think of anything more stressful than designing every piece separately and trying to ensure it’s all coordinated. For graduation, at a minimum, you’ll need a graduation announcement and thank you notes for gifts received. Yes, I believe that if someone took the time to send you a card and gift, you can certainly take the time to thank them personally and walk to the mailbox. Call me old-fashioned. Below are just two of the many examples of coordinating announcements and thank you notes. Having a party? Don’t worry, Basic Invite makes it easy to create coordinating invitations to keep your theme consistent if you desire. Check out the hundreds of beautiful and creative graduation announcement and party invitation templates.

However, if you decide that you want your graduation party to take on a theme of its own, choose from hundreds of custom graduation party invitations. When it comes to customization, that’s where Basic Invite really shines. That’s where the fun really begins for any special occasion…

Almost Unlimited Colors - Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design, you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options. This ensures your card is exactly how you want it, down to the tiniest detail. This is probably the biggest game changer for someone like me with a heightened attention to detail and desire to create something truly unique and special.

Custom Samples - I don’t know about you, but when it’s a big event like a wedding, I need to know the invitation and all of its accessories are perfect before mailing. Luckily, Basic Invite is one of the few websites that provides the ability to order a printed sample of the actual invitation so you can see exactly how it will print, as well as the paper quality, before placing your final order.

Over 40 Different Colors of Envelopes - I’m always bummed by a plain white envelope or one in color that is still a little “off” from my stationery. But Basic Invite is just as colorful with its envelopes as they are with their invitations. You have the ability to choose from over 40 different colors, making the announcement or invitation stand out even before it’s opened. And does anyone remember the episode of Seinfeld when George’s fiancé actually died from licking all of the wedding invitation envelopes? Well, put that worry out of your mind. All of Basic Invite’s envelopes are peel and seal, making their closure quick and secure and saving your taste buds for the things you really enjoy. (That would be chocolate for me!)

Address Capturing Service - For too many years, I either hand wrote addresses on my holiday card envelopes or printed out Avery Labels from a Word document. Neither is ideal, but the thought of typing 100+ addresses into an Excel spreadsheet wasn’t ideal, either. Thankfully, Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that allows you to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media, to request addresses from your friends and family. Those addresses are then stored in your account and can then be selected during the design process. Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders. How easy is that?

Foil - A little shimmer and shine always add the perfect amount of glam, and stationery is no exception. Foil cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. You can choose flat or raised foil on all of Basic Invite’s foil designs.

Wedding Package .png

But graduation is just one exciting milestone in our lives. And just around the corner is wedding season. Cue the trumpets! Planning a fantastic wedding usually takes a lot of work. So why not make one part of it easy? One you’ve set the date, head to Basic Invite to build your FREE wedding website. Create your own custom image that you can share on any social media platform. Use it to save the date and collect addresses from your future guests. Basic Invite will store the information, which makes mailing invitations a breeze! Remember, address printing on envelopes is always free! When it comes to creating your wedding invitation, Basic Invite offers over 1,000 customizable options. And don’t fret over menu cards, RSVP cards, venue directions, etc. That’s easy. Need coordinating stickers for party favors or other wedding day accessories? You’re covered! From your bridal shower to all of your wedding day and wedding party needs, Basic Invite is your virtual wedding planner.


I feel like my life really began after our wedding. We’ve been blessed with so many occasions to celebrate. And anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for a great invitation, thank you note, and stationery. If you’re one of those people, Basic Invite is making it easier for you to try them out now by offering 15% off with Coupon Code: 15FF51. Remember that, and keep scrolling for a few additional ideas on how to start the ball rolling for your next big life event…or a fun Halloween party or Friendsgiving in the Fall. All work and no play? They have business cards, too! The point is, there’s always a need for a beautiful presentation on paper, whether it’s an event or marketing yourself. And all of it just got a whole lot simpler.

Thank you to Basic Invite for its beautiful inspiration and for sponsoring this post.


Jennifer Mejia


This is the second post I’ve done on amazing Amazon fashion finds. It’s hard to believe that the items will be of decent quality when you look at the price tag on some of them. But with Amazon’s amazing return policy, especially for Amazon Prime items and members, making a purchase can be pretty low risk. So why the heck not?


When it comes to fashion, I’d say I’m a high-low gal. I tend to spend a lot on staple wardrobe pieces that meet three requirements: classic, timeless, and versatile. When you mix those items with more inexpensive and trendy items, the look of the “cheaper” item is often elevated. Shoes are on thing I like to splurge on because 1) a cheap pair of shoes usually shows that, and 2) a well-made pair of shoes usually lasts a very long time. I honestly have some shoes in my closet that are over 10 years old. Always buy the nicest coat you can afford because it’s the first thing everyone sees. And if you purchase one that meets the three requirements for a splurge, then it’s worth it. The same goes for every day handbags that will stand the test of time. When buying clothing that isn’t made from the best fabric, try to purchase it in a darker color if lighter colors look cheap. Dark colors tend to hide a cheap fabric better. Always try to have one high quality item for each staple piece like black pants, a black skirt, dark denim, white denim, crisp white shirt, etc.


The little black dress I’m wearing here is under $35! I was actually quite impressed with it. I removed it from the bag and hung it up. Without steaming or ironing, most of the wrinkles had fallen out within a few days. And surprisingly enough, it didn’t really wrinkle much when I wore it. Proof that some wardrobe staples don’t have to cost a fortune. Since I lucked out on this dress, I decided to look for a few more finds to try. I’m sharing my favorite finds below. Simply click on the images to shop. (I’m wearing a Small in the black dress in case you’re interested in trying.)





Jennifer Mejia


It’s Monday. How many of you would like to skirt the work week altogether? Every Sunday night, my son tells me that it isn’t fair that we have five days of work and school and only two days off. Although he’s only seven, I’d say he’s wise beyond his years. This past weekend was gorgeous in New York City. We kept ourselves busy with little league baseball, Paw Patrol Live (the things we do for love!), New York Road Runners youth races, and playground time. Mom and Dad even got an adult night out to wine, dine, and chat with friends. It was really difficult to get back to reality today. But lucky for us, this week is only a four-day work week, so that sweet boy of mine will be doing a dance on Thursday.


But getting back to work doesn't mean you have to throw on a suit. This skirt I’m wearing in navy is a perfect versatile piece for Spring and Summer. Style it as I have here with espadrille wedges for a look that’s weekend and work week ready. Amp it up a bit if your office is more formal by pairing it with a crisp white button-down and a sleek pair of pumps. For a more casual look, pair it with a white t-shirt and flat sandals. It has a beautifully subtle sheen that gives it permission to be dressy, yet it doesn’t have to be. And the best part is its price tag. Coming in at just under $35, you can update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. I’m fairly certain it will never go out of style. It comes in a few different colors and runs true to size. I’m wearing a Size 0.

church behind.jpg

Truth be told, I like skirts for Spring and Summer because I don’t love my legs in shorts. I’d never say I’m a large person, but I’m not particularly toned. So showing a little leg is best if it’s just that for me—a little. Skirts are a perfect way to survive the heat brought on by the dog days of summer. It doesn’t get much hotter than summertime in New York City. But I know I’m not alone, as much of the country starts feelin’ hot hot hot in July and August. To help you survive while remaining stylish, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite skirts of the season. To shop, simply click on the images below, and most will be at your door within a few days.

535 behind.jpg





Jennifer Mejia


I’ve always said there is a difference between something that is fashionable and something that is trendy. Fashionable, in my book, means classic and timeless. It will never go out of style. But if it does go out for a while, it will likely come back within a few years. One example of that is a sexy pair of pointy-toe pumps. For timeless pieces, I tend to splurge. If I find a good piece, it’s worth spending so I don’t have to look for it again in the future and it can last me for years.. Have a I mentioned that I’m a pretty lazy shopper?


But for trendy pieces, I like to save. If it’s probable that it’s a style I’ll wear for only a year or two, or worse, just a season, I look for affordably-priced options. This season, the paper bag pant (or short) is that trendy item.. In general, I don’t look great in high-waisted pants. But the paper bag is an exception. I think that may be because of the tied and someone cinched/pleated waistband that helps define my waist and give the trousers a more finished look.


These pants are the perfect way to freshen up your Spring and Summer wardrobe and add that “2019” to it! Thankfully for you, I’ve curated a few of my favorites, in trousers and shorts, that are affordably priced. Because of the detailed waistband, you don’t need anything too fancy on the upper half of your body. Grab something simple like the off-white blouse featured in this post. Pair the trousers with a sexy pair of classic pumps and a great bag for a wear-to-work look. Pair them with sporty sneakers and a t-shirt for a more casual vibe. The outfit I’m wearing here (minus the shoes and bag) is under $60. No, not a typo. Simply click on the images below to shop the look and a few of my favorite paper bag pants and shorts of the season. (And don’t be fooled by the color of the pants below—click on them, as many come in a variety of colors, including the khaki green trousers I’m wearing.)



Jennifer Mejia


No, I’m not talking about my legs! But someone get this girl a tan, even if it’s a spray-on. Soon enough, I hope. I was looking at my Instagram feed and thinking I have a serious issue with buying white clothing, meaning I have too much of it. But when you find something that works, I say stick to it. White is a universally flattering color, but most importantly, it’s a color that screams “Vacation!” and “Summertime!” Two things I’m longing for.

I am absolutely in love with this dress that I bought for warmer months. They’ll be here soon, right? I picked it up on sale during the recent ShopBop event, but even without the sale, it’s affordably priced. It can be worn with espadrilles, flat sandals, and even a dressier heel to give you three different looks for three different occasions. Even better news—these shoes. They are a nice blush color and are made of a lightweight Spring/Summer fabric with a classic espadrille wedge heel. I typically wear a size 7 but ordered a 6-1/2 and they fit perfectly, so consider that when ordering. I purchased the bag last year, but lucky for you, they brought it back this season. Look back at my blog posts from last summer and you’ll see it in almost every fashion photo. It’s that versatile, so I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth. The jewels are also a great staple for any time of year because the necklace can be worn three ways: each strand separately or together as I’ve styled it here. The bracelet is also one you may be tired of seeing, but you know I’m all about versatility. I don’t like to overdo it with the jewelry, so a simple pair of diamond studs (this faux version will likely fool a gemologist) is perfect. And for summertime when you’re at the beach, you don’t want to risk losing the real thing.


Shop all of these items by clicking on the images below. Everyone needs at least one white dress for the summer. I hope you find one here! I’m wearing size XS in the featured dress.



Jennifer Mejia


Nate Berkus always says, “It’s the things that matter.” I think I’ve used that exact quote more than once in this blog. Probably because I couldn’t agree more. When you walk into a home, yes, the furniture is extremely important. Good design and a mix of shapes, textures, and colors, old and new, modern and traditional…it all adds up to make a home feel collected. But the “things” that complete a space—accessories—help tell the story of who you are a person and a family.

If you have had the luxury of traveling and collecting things over the years, you’ll have no problem filling a home. But that’s not the case for most of us. So what do you do in the meantime when you just want to have it all done? The good news for all of us is that there are so many affordable places to shop for accessories. Being in NYC, we have tons of shops that have such unique and truly awesome finds. But many of you are not here, and you don’t have time to go from store to store to curate it all. Enter our savior in most parts of life: TARGET!

Here’s the thing about accessories. When designers do an install, they bring a ton of things to a home on approval. That means the store doesn’t really charge them for it until they confirm they’re keeping it. Try before you buy! Well, that’s not exactly how it works with Target, but they have a terrific 90-day return policy, so you can try it for three months versus the typical 24 to 48 hours with boutiques. So buy a ton (thankfully most of it is very reasonably priced), play around with it in various places in your home, keep what you love, and send the rest back. Did I mention they have free shipping and free returns for Target card members and orders over $50?

The one problem with Target, and it’s sort of a nice problem to have, is that they have SO much! I sometimes find it difficult to curate things. But I’ve tried my best for this blog post. Now presenting a few of my favorite Target home accessories! Simply click on the images or hyperlinks to shop.

First up are baskets like this woven one on the dresser above. It could also be used as wall decor. Baskets are a wonderful way to add warmth and texture AND collect and contain your junk! Bowls can do the same thing, only they also have the potential for double duty—if they’re made of the right material, they can be used to serve your guests your delicious creations. Trays are like baskets in that they help organize, only they allow things to be more beautifully displayed versus just being dumped on top of one another.







Vases are an essential accessory. Why? Because fresh flowers are also an essential accessory. They don’t have to cost a fortune, especially with places like Trader Joe’s. Don’t believe me? Look at any decor magazine or Instagram page of a designer, and any photo worth of your attention will have fresh flowers in the mix. Whenever I study a room, I always cover up the flowers to see if I still like the space because chances are that you won’t always have fresh stems. Because of that, it’s a great idea to have vases that have interesting design and color so they can stand alone and beautify your space even. when empty. Here are a few of my favorites, including this white vase featured in the photo below. I also like simple and smaller glass vases to allow the buds steal the show. And they’re fun to display in groups, like in a line down the center of a dining table.




Decorative objects bring life, add interest, and are essential to fill empty spaces. I love them stacked on top of coffee table books or in collections like the two spherical objects on the top right shelf below.




And finally, the easiest way to change the look of the space is with decorative pillows. With Etsy and other small businesses like one of my favorites, Danielle Oakey Shop, it’s also a lot less expensive than it used to be. While custom pillows are wonderful, they aren’t always necessary. I love mixing neutrals with different textures and then adding a few pops of color to keep it interesting. Here are a few extremely affordable options from Target.



I’m hoping you all love this curated collection of affordable home accessories. In order to get it right, I feel like you really do have to try a bunch of things in many different places. Target is perfect for that since they offer free shipping and an incredibly flexible 90-day return policy. In addition, Red Card members save 5% off already fabulous prices. Target saves the day once again!


Jennifer Mejia


This favorite dress of mine can now be yours for less! ShopBop is having their “Buy More, Save More” sale, which my husband always gets a chuckle out of. His response is, “How about you buy less and save more? What kind of finance courses did they teach where you went to school?” What-ev-er! Below are a few items that I think would be great purchases. I’ve tried to include things that are versatile and/or classic so you get your money’s worth. Everyone needs a pair of white jeans, and these are my favorite. I own these in darker denim. For Spring and Summer, a classic pair of nude heeled sandals are a must, and you can’t go wrong with my choice. Espadrilles—you need black and a happy color, so why not these in blush/pink? At least one pair of statement earrings is an essential, and these are so versatile and affordably priced. A little white dress for summertime—one that you can dress up or down—is a staple, and this one is perfect. In addition to the dress I wore here a few weeks ago on a spring-like day in NYC, I’ve also provided a link to the bag that I carried all Spring and Summer last year. It’s back again! (And don’t be confused by the knit cap. I have worn one in a few of my posts, but everyone I listed was sold out. You can snag this one now!) There’s so much more below. They said a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll shut up and let you browse. Happy shopping! Simply click on the images below to shop.



Jennifer Mejia

Affordable fashion from Amazon. Simply click on the products below to shop. Most are under $30. Happy weekend!


Jennifer Mejia


I’ve been thinking about writing this post for quite some time. I can’t just decide to sit down and write. I can, but it usually doesn’t go well. Thoughts come to me at unusual times. Occasionally when I’m running the bath water for my kids at night. Sometimes when I’m walking down the street alone. Perhaps the fresh air and some time to myself—a clear head of sorts—helps. But if I don’t write things down, I often forget my thoughts, no matter how wonderful I think they are or how much I swear I’ll remember them. As I sit here now to gather my thoughts on Valentine’s Eve, I’m not certain that I have them all together, but I felt strongly that today was the day to publish this because...

I’ve also been thinking about what I should post for Valentine’s Day. I knew it couldn’t be a fashion post because while I do “love” a good outfit, my heart is much more powerful than that. Some, like my husband, think it’s a Hallmark holiday—one that’s exploited by the company to sell more $6 cards. (Interestingly enough, he still purchases them.) Regardless, today is universally recognized as 24 hours of love. Without sounding selfish on a day when I’m supposed to be expressing love for others, I have learned that the most important love in life is the one you have for yourself. Because if you don’t love yourself, even while acknowledging all of your imperfections, the world can be a challenging place. And I believe that the biggest factor contributing to loving yourself is the ability to have faith.

When I talk about the importance of having faith, I’m not referring to religious faith. While that is certainly part of it for me, I know that some people don’t do the whole religion thing. For several months, as I’ve worked to get my groove back, I’ve become a lot more introspective. And the unfortunate truth is that there have been many days during which I’ve seen the glass as half empty. As I recall the mistakes I’ve made—the ones I’ve lived to regret the most—I realize that I made them because I didn’t have faith. I didn’t trust in myself enough to believe that I’d get through whatever life brought my way. I didn’t believe that I’d somehow figure it out and make the best of it, even if my greatest fears became reality. 

This isn’t a novel concept. I’m not saying anything others—many who are much wiser than I--haven’t said before. Some refer to it as energy—what you put out is what you get back. Some will tell you that the world is a mirror and that life is a reflection of how you view it through your lens. And then there’s that idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Whichever you buy into, it all boils down to maintaining optimism, having positive thoughts, and believing that things will work out. Having faith.To me, that seems to be the key to a happy and fulfilled life. Even in your darkest hours, you have to believe that you will eventually get through this, whatever “this” is.

There’s another popular saying to which we can all relate. “Easier said than done.” If we believe everything I just wrote, why is it sometimes so difficult to direct our thoughts? As I reflect on my loss of faith and some of the regrettable decisions I’ve made, I think the answer is that our past mistakes and failures can sometimes leave us with scars and an unhealthy dose of fear. When we are faced with uncertainty or a situation that seems insurmountable, the familiar feelings of loss and pain and the fear of history repeating itself, cause us to lose faith. After all, when life presents a challenge, failure is certainly the easier option. 

It is during those moments when we fear the worst that we must remind ourselves that we are bigger and better than our greatest obstacle. They say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” But I believe that’s an evolution. When tragedy or failure strike, you’re immediately anything but stronger. You are devastated and broken. You may feel like curling up into a fetal position in a dark room and never leaving. Sometimes we stay in that place longer than what is ideal. But for most of us, we eventually dig our way out. And while we may not always be the same person as we were before, we’ve survived. We’ve also learned a few things from the experience. In some cases, we’ve learned a valuable lesson of what didn’t work so we never choose that path again. In other cases, the only learning may be that it didn’t actually kill us and that we possess the ability to carry on. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” It’s reminding yourself that you were strong enough to survive the worst. You survived that feeling that your heart will never mend or the worry that life may never be the same.

Every day, not just Valentine’s Day, we need to love ourselves. We need to have faith in our personal strength and resilience. We need to remember that we are responsible for our individual happiness and that every day is a choice. While we may not have a choice about certain circumstances in our lives, we have a choice about our perspective and approach to it all. We have a choice to give up or fight. We have a choice to either believe the worst or hope for the best. We can choose gratitude and show appreciation for life’s gifts, however small they may be. Focus on what you have versus what you lack. Remind yourself of your successes. Love and trust yourself enough to believe you’ll figure it out. Have faith. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! My gift to you is this song. You’re “me”—sing this to yourself when you need it.